Saturday, March 14, 2020

Library closures

This morning after my mom told me that the Orem library had closed (my sister just got a full-time job there, which she has worked all of four days) I decided to not visit our library because we're trying to be good citizens, but I just heard that our library will also be closing after tomorrow.

And now I can't decide whether I should just sit at home or make a panicked visit to the library to check out materials. I'm honestly leaning toward just staying home. We have plenty of things for the older kids to read (and can check out eBooks) and we have a large collection of children's books (and with the anthologies I just ordered we will have 75 new stories to read, which is such a great number because it happens to be our checkout limit and is just such a lovely round number for all the random anthologies to add up to). So I think we're set.

We have plenty to read.

I just...having the library be unaccessible is making me feel nervous.

But, we're fine. We have plenty to read. This will be fine.

On the upside, this pandemic has been quite the boon for me as a newbie homeschooling mom. So many people are sharing so many amazing (and often free) resources! Things that I didn't even know existed! I'm excited to comb through the lists my friends have shared to find some interesting learning activities for the kids!

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  1. I'm glad I read this post the other day because I went to the library to get some more books yesterday just in case our library closes. I can do without TV and movies, but I need books. I have some of my own that I've not yet read, but they tend to be "heavier" books, and I like novels for entertainment. I'm not high-tech enough to use ebooks although my library has lots of digital material. Might be time to upgrade myself into this century.

    I'm glad you've found a lot of good homeschooling resources!