Monday, March 16, 2020

Social distancing: home church (and stuff)

We did much better with social distancing today. It helped, I think, that it was raining and that it was Sunday. Our neighbourhood children know we go to church on Sundays and so they don't usually come to see if we can play in the mornings (sometimes they are waiting for us when we get home, actually), so our morning was pretty quiet.

Our homeschool church consisted of a lesson on why we are choosing social distance right now. Andrew showed the kids an interactive simulation and they seemed to understand that no socialization right now was much better for the community than other methods of reducing contagion. And then we talked about magnifying our callings (or roles) and then sang some hymns and primary songs. Andrew even let Zoë choose a Christmas song (she loves the song Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus) even though it's nowhere close to Christmas.

The girls made cookies, which turned out to be excellent when we started getting callers in the afternoon. "No we cannot play. We are practicing social distancing. Have a plate of cookies and remember us in two months?" I'm not sure giving out cookies counts as social distancing...

We're just doing our best.

Andrew made quiche for dinner to celebrate Pi Day (a day late). He also made cheery pie for dessert.

Miriam gave some cookies to the backdoor pool neighbours as well (no, we can't play...have some cookies?) and they passed over a package filled with treats from Japan and some Girl Scout Cookies. Again, poor social distancing. Again, we're trying.

This social distancing thing was easier when we were the only ones home during the day and had the run of the neighbourhood. I mean, we honestly hardly ever see the majority of our neighbours! And now suddenly we can't go play in the cul-de-sac without being bombarded by them...which means that they probably are naturally very friendly just altogether too busy.

Do you think this pandemic will teach us to slow down and be more neighbourly?

Oh, we also played Pandemic with the older girls (while the younger kids watched Daniel Tiger) and we won! So maybe that's a good omen...though the last time we played (on Friday night) we lost within four turns probably has no bearing on how this actual pandemic will play out.

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  1. I don't know what counts as "prolonged contact" but I don't think passing a plate of cookies over a fence is it. Remember, we are just trying to flatten the curve, because making it disappear entirely is beyond mortal abilities. Stay safe and sane!