Sunday, March 15, 2020

Long-distance Socializing

With everyone's schedule somewhat freed up my family was able to do a little long-distance socializing. Usually our schedules don't mesh very well—we cover time zones from EST (Eastern) to HST (Hawaiian) and pretty much everything in between (or, you know, just MST (mountain)...and PST (Pacific)). Add in work schedules and church commitments and so forth and it's very rare that we all have time to just sit around and chat with each other. 

But today we do!

So we started a group chat and that turned into a call with people coming and going. It was fun to see everyone and get caught up. 

Every time I tried to take a screen shot it just would boot me out of the video so clearly I'm doing something wrong

When we realized we were all wearing glasses we made Josie hop on...and find her that she could complete our little Brady Bunch picture (Patrick even played the Brady Bunch theme song for us).

David took this screen shot
 It sure was good to see everybody; we should do this more often. At least while we're all social distancing ourselves from society our long-distance socializing can flourish.

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