Sunday, March 29, 2020

COVID-19 thoughts

When things really started exploding in Italy (they passed 10,000 deaths yesterday), Rachel reminded us that we had been *this* close to accepting a position in Italy. As much as we would have loved to move to Italy the thought of doing it right then seemed like a hurdle we weren't quite ready for. In the end GSU called up Andrew and begged him not to get on the plane, so he declined the position and we moved to Georgia.

We're just starting our upswing here in the states, but we passed 100,000 cases (and 2000 deaths) the other day so things aren't looking terribly rosy. But we were glad to not be in northern Italy (as weird as it is to type that).


My friend Carmel had her baby early a couple of weeks ago and he's been in the NICU. She had taken a break from going in to be with him because her family had been sick. After her family was well again she was preparing to go visit her baby when she got a call from the hospital that they weren't allowing visits at all anymore, due to COVID-19. She was absolutely heartbroken.

But her baby was released from the NICU and came home just yesterday so all is well.

Another friend's son left his wife and baby in the hospital to go get a carseat for their carseat test (another NICU baby) and during the time that he was gone the hospital closed to visitors and he wasn't allowed back in—even though he and his wife had been rooming in with the baby the entire time and he had only been gone long enough to get the car seat and come back!


A friend in our ward has COVID-19. She started showing symptoms on March 15, but hadn't left her house since March 12, right around the time everything around here started getting cancelled. She did end up having to go to the ER but is back at home now, still recovering.

We are glad that our ward was so obedient and quickly cancelled all their social activities. The young women had been invited over to this very sister's home on March 13 to stuff Easter eggs for the ward Easter party—when this friend of mine would have been contagious but asymptomatic! Can you even imagine what the fallout of that would have been?! All the young women would have picked up the virus and brought it home to share with their families!


We're still just chilling at home. We spent quite a bit of time doing yard work and housework on Saturday. The kids have been doing a Star Wars marathon. We finished reading Harry Potter (the first) and have moved onto Anne of Avonlea (at Zoë's request) for our bedtime reading. Zoë was very excited to watch the first Harry Potter movie as a family.

My 20th Century Children's Book Treasury is still holding out for picture books (and we've picked up a few books from people in our ward who've been culling their collection, which was perfect timing for us), but we are missing going to the library every week.

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  1. I didn't know you had a job offer in Italy that you chose not to take! Wow. But, yeah, glad you aren't there now. Glad the lady from your ward is recovering fine now.