Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Alphabet Tag

My friend, Heather, tagged me...

A: Attached or Single?

Attached, but my ear lobes are not.

B: Best Friend...
Andrew, for sure. And my mom. I have a lot of great friends in my ward right now, too!

C: Cake or Pie?
My cakes are much better than my pies. All my pies turn out looking gross and tasting only alright--other people's pies are yummy, though! But I do like cake...and pie...but if you really want to be my friend, bring me a nice white chocolate macadamia nut cookie.

D: Day of Choice...
Wednesday has traditionally been my favorite day of the week. It's halfway to the weekend! But I enjoy any day that Andrew can play with us.

E: Essential Items...
Aside from the textbook answers (food, shelter, clothing, etc) and the Sunday School answers (scriptures, family, the priesthood, etc), I would have to say: my glasses. Boy, do I hope we can afford Lasik surgery some day.

F: Favorite Colors...
That's a hard question. I love to dress Rachel in pink and yellow. I love to dress in blues and browns and greens. When I was supposed to be choosing colors for my wedding, I just couldn't do it so we had "pastels"--I fail to see why I should have to choose a favorite color now.

G: Gummy Bears or Worms?
Gummy Worms with the sour sugar stuff on them.

H: Hometown...
Ack! I was born in Raymond, Alberta. I grew up in Port Coquitlam, BC; High River, AB; and Orem, UT. I'm not sure which place I actually claim as my "hometown" since I've spent about equal amounts of time in each of them.

I: Favorite indulgence...
Naptime, handsdown.

J: January or July?
July. For now, since it is cold in least here. When we are living in Cairo it might switch to be January when the temperature will drop to just below room never know, I could get sick of the heat and decide that room temperature is better than a hundred degrees.

K: Kids?
One, which is plenty for now. Rachel is a handful, but we're planning on having more.

L: Life isn't complete without...
My Family

M: Marriage date?
December 16, 2005

N: Number of brothers and sisters...
2 brothers & 3 sisters

O: Oranges or Apples?
Right now, apples. They are just so expensive right now. We don't usually buy any produce that is more than 99 cents per pound so we've been eating oranges, oranges, and more oranges. I'm ready for an apple but they're too pricey for us. I like oranges, too...I just think an apples sounds tasty.

P: Phobia or fears?
That I will die and leave Andrew alone, or that he will die and leave me alone. We're planning on growing old together and then we'll have to go sky diving or, if the Iraq war is still going on (heaven forbid), maybe we'll just sign up as translators.

I'm also afraid of dogs and driving in cars and airplane rides and strangers.

Q: A good quote...
You must do the thing you think you cannot do. ~Elenor Roosevelt

R: Reasons to smile...
My family.

S: Superman or Wonder Woman?
I don't really know a lot about Wonder Woman. I think that when we played superheros as kids I was usually She-ra, which also starts with an es and is therefore a valid answer. But my real superheros of choice were always April O'Neal from teenage mutant ninja turtles or Cat Woman, depending on what we were playing.

T: Tag four people...
I leave this up to you. If you want to, then do it.

U: Unknown fact about me...
My life is pretty much an open book, I think. Oh, how about this: I was on a swim team for years, I did a little bit of synchro, I was a lifeguard and a swim instructor but...I don't like to have my face wet and am afraid of drowning.

I love swimming in the ocean, but I stay really close to the shore...I hate getting sprayed in the face with water...and I never, ever go bridge jumping.

My sister Abra, who also was a lifeguard, and I discussed this once and she said the more you know, the scarier it seems.

V: Favorite vegetable
Cucumbers, and peppers...pretty much anything fresh. Except beets--I definitely prefer those cooked. I don't like cooked cauliflower. Or brussle sprouts. Or ochra. Or turnip greens.

W: Worst habit...
Andrew says that I have no bad habits because I'm perfect. My family calls me "Mary Poppins" sometimes. But I do have bad habits...I leave my clothes on the floor. I pick at dry skin and scabs. I grind my teeth at night. And I leave clothes in the dryer until they are irrevocably wrinkled. Among other things.

X: X-Ray or ultrasound?

I've had one ultrasound and have had three incidences involving x-rays. I don't know how many x-rays were taken each time.

Y: Your favorite food...
I'm not sure this really counts as a "y" questions, but it's Mexican--we've already purchased plenty of Mexican seasonings to take to Egypt with us. But I like lots of other things, too. Mostly I like anything that I don't have to cook myself. I really need to become a better cook. Things are pretty sad when I don't even like to eat what I set on the table.

Z: Zodiac sign...


  1. Weird, apples are way cheaper for us right now. I'm craving oranges! :)

  2. Yeah, oranges are like 2 pounds for a dollar. Apples are like 1.39 and up for one pound. Sheesh...maybe I'll buy some oranges and ship them to you and you can buy some apples and ship them to me :)

    Or, to save on postage...

  3. Ah....that's my sister. April O'Neill and Catwoman? I wonder where you picked those up? :)