Sunday, April 13, 2008

Traditions Ball

Going to a formal dance when you're married is a lot different than going to a formal dance when you're in high school. For one thing, you dance with the same person all night long. For another, you find yourself going grocery shopping for your "day date."

A few weeks ago my mom forwarded me an email from the BYU alumni association about the first annual "Traditions Ball," and offered to babysit for us if we wanted to go. I, of course, asked Andrew about it right away. We haven't gone out dancing in so long!

He acted like he didn't really want to go, saying it would be boring and it cost too much and so forth. Tickets were rather expensive, so I let it go and didn't nag him about it at all (really). And then last week he sent me an invitation via Google Calendar to attend the ball with him.

"I just had an extra ticket," he wrote, "So I figured I'd ask you."

That's my charming husband for you!

I immediately accepted his invitation and went to try on my bridesmaid dress from Heather's wedding and was happy to discover that it still fit after having a baby. Actually, it fit better than it did before. I wasn't there to try on the dress before the wedding--since I was living in Jordan at the time and Lavon was sewing it in Alberta--so it was a bit too big in some places that have since filled out.

That taken care of, I was able to relax until Saturday. We spent the day grocery shopping, working, and playing with Rachel. Not at all like the dances we went to in high school where we would spend the day hiking, picnicking, and playing games. We were so busy that we hardly had time to get ready before my mom showed up to babysit.

When she rang the doorbell, Andrew was still working on a website wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

"Am I at the right house?" she asked. She was expecting us to be all ready to go when she got there, but we weren't.

I was busy trying to bounce Rachel to sleep, still in my capris and a button up shirt. For some reason she did not want to go to bed last night at all. She kept screaming and throwing fits. How nice that my mom was there to take over her bedtime routine while I threw on my dress.

We said our goodbyes and headed out to the car. Andrew opened up my door for me and helped me get my dress in the door and then opened up the backseat door to put Rachel in...only we didn't have Rachel with us. He did that when we went out last night, too. I guess we're just used to having her around now.

The first thing Andrew steered me towards when we got there was the hors d'œuvres. Apparently he was hungry. We went outside to eat them in the gazebo, by ourselves. We were a little worried that we wouldn't see anyone we knew the whole night long, but while we were eating we saw Gordon Duvall, who I used to lifeguard with at OFC, and his date; and Doug and Ganeen; and Danielle McKinley and her date. It was nice to see some people we knew and have a few little chats throughout the evening.

After we had finished eating we went to get a complimentary picture taken in the library, which I will post after we get it (if it is decent, that is).

We danced to a live band, which was fun, if not tricky. We had a blast, definitely, but we do need to get out more often--we haven't practiced in a long while! We had trouble remembering the steps we once knew and people just were not moving line of dance. They were not moving against line of dance, either. They just weren't moving, making it hard to dance a nice waltz or foxtrot, which are two of our favorite dances.

We both prefer standard to latin or swing, but it seemed that the majority of the dancers, as well as the band, wanted fast music the whole night long. I guess that's what you get when you surround yourself with brass players and short people. Just kidding; not everyone else there was short--the band really was a big band, though, which accounts for all the swing music. We had fun anyway. We like swing. We just prefer waltz.

At ten o'clock we headed upstairs to have root beer floats and watch Noteworthy, an all-girls a cappella group, perform. I've never seen females do a cappella before. In fact, I'd never even heard of a female a cappella group, but they were awesome. We really enjoyed their concert and then went down to finish off dancing the night away in the ballroom.

We'd love to make this ball a tradition, but who knows how many years it will be until we will be in Provo in April again?

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