Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Standing up

Dear Weather,

Thank you for your prompt response. This afternoon ended beautifully.


Rachel and Nancy

Rachel is getting very good at standing up. She can stand for well over a minute--perhaps closer to five minutes--without falling over. She stood up almost the whole time we were in the shower yesterday: soaping, rinsing, shampooing. She stood through it all.

Her new thing is bending over to pick something up. She can bend right down, touch the ground, and then stand up again. She did a lot of standing up while we were outside. I considered posting a one minute clip of Rachel standing, but I decided that would be too boring for the average viewer.

Since we were outside, however, and there were so many interesting things on the ground, Rachel spent most of her time choosing the lushest blade of grass and most yellow dandelions to stick in her mouth.


  1. "It's almost to pretty to eat", but only almost. =)

  2. That's right. You best be believin' she put it in her mouth about .2 seconds after the shutter closed.

  3. Extra iron, extra iron. Good thing dandelions have been used for nourishment and other such things for centuries. :-D

  4. I can't believe she's standing up already! My mom used to blend up dandelions, that we got out of the yard, into a plantain drink. Not my favorite.

  5. Dandelions are so bitter! yuck!