Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vegetable Garden

Last night we had taco salad for dinner. Ordinarily I don't put cucumbers in taco salad, but we had cucumbers and the other day Andrew said that he likes cucumbers...except for the seeds. So I figured that I would cut out the seeds and see if he would eat them.

"You're putting that grossness in there?" Andrew asked when he spied on me making dinner.

"They're not gross. I cut out the seeds, see? Here Rachel," she likes the seeds.

At dinner Andrew took a big plateful of salad. He really likes taco salad.

"Do I have to eat all the cucumbers?" he asked after he'd already dished up.

"All the ones on your plate, yes." I answered.

"Oh, man!"

Andrew went through and picked out all the cucumbers and suffered through them first. He didn't mention the tomatoes once. He even took seconds, being sure to avoid as many cucumbers as possible, but eating the tomatoes like a big boy.

"You didn't complain about the tomatoes," I noted.

"No, that's because cucumbers are grosser...hey! Did you put in two gross vegetables in so I'd eat the less gross ones?"

Well, it seems that he's figured me out. I've noticed that if I put onions and green peppers in something he'll pick out the green peppers and eat the onions. If I put tomatoes and broccoli in something he'll pick out the broccoli and eat the tomatoes. It's been one of my proven methods of getting some vegetables into that boy.

He could really use an extra serving or two of vegetables so we've decided to start our own little vegetable garden...on our kitchen counter.

We accidentally left half an onion out over night and when we woke up in the morning it had started to grow. I put it in a container of water, so we'll see what happens there.

The potato is from a bag of potatoes that we have had forever. Truthfully we've had them for about a year. They need to be planted in a garden or thrown away. For now they are adding to our beautiful counter garden.

All we need now is a carrot top or two and I think we'll be considered self-sufficient.


  1. Matt's really picky with his veggies also--I love fajitas, and matt picks out all the onions, and most of the peppers. . .kindly leaving them for me to eat

  2. You should try growing potatoes in a bucket: just plop your sprouty potato in a bucket and cover it with soil. Put it outside where it can get some sunshine, and keep adding more soil as needed. At the end of the summer, you'll have a happy bucket of cute little potaotes! :)

  3. We'll have to see if we have a big enough bucket for that. It could be kinda fun, I think, to have a little ice cream bucket garden.

    Andrew suggested a cottage cheese container but since the potato is almost as big as a cottage cheese container I told him that wouldn't work.

    We have a whole sackful of potatoes that are right ready to be planted so if anyone wants a potato plant...they're free. :)

  4. I've got a 5-gallon bucket in the garage if you want it!

  5. K. I'm now officially confused. If Andrew said he LIKES cucumbers, except for the seeds, why did he keep saying they were gross, even though you took the seeds off? I must have missed something here.

  6. Andrew often says that he likes certain vegetables, but I've yet to find one (besides maybe corn) that he'll eat on a consistent basis.

    Sometimes he'll eat olives, sometimes he won't.

    When he came home from his mission he announced that he liked tomatoes. But apparently it was only in Italy that he liked tomatoes because he really can't stand them here.

    I think he says that he likes vegetables to sound grown up because, you know, grown ups eat their vegetables, but deep down inside he can't stand them....

    Anyway, hopefully that explains Andrew a little better. :)

  7. Unfortunately, (according to Andy at least--we had some old onions come up in our garden this year) all the onion will do this year is flower and produce seed. But then you can plant that...

    But an onion is a bulb, right? adn bulbs reproduce... hmm, I don't know. You'll have to let us know what happens to it! :)