Sunday, April 06, 2008

We don't have a Jack-in-the-Box

We are what you would call a young family. We're both in our early twenties. We've only been married for about two and a half years. We're barely getting out of school. We have pretend jobs that are only part time, pay minimally and have no fringe benefits whatsoever. We drive a 15 year-old car. We skimp on our grocery bills. We dress our daughter in hand-me-downs. And our furniture doesn't match.

It just follows suit that a lot of Rachel's favorite toys are secondhand from her cousins--most of her toys are, actually. Some of her favorite toys are made of things we would have otherwise thrown away--her juice can lid piggy bank, for example, or the shape sorter that I made out of an old diaper wipe box. And some of her toys don't exist at all.

One thing Rachel doesn't have is a jack-in-the-box and it would be a real shame if she grew up not knowing the simple childhood pleasure of having something spring up at you from no where, scaring you half to death. So we improvised.

I love that she loves this. Truly she thinks it's hilarious. Right after I finished filming she crawled right up onto Daddy's lap and gave him a great big kiss. Our favourite part of this clip is the second scare, right around 9-11 seconds. It's a classic Rachel face.

We chase each other around the house on our hands and knees scaring each other now. It's a great way to pass those last few minutes before Daddy comes home from school or work. It wears Rachel out, we giggle a lot, and we all end up happy.


  1. Now Nancy-THAT. WAS. HILARIOUS. Richard and I just rewound that clip about 20 times, and I still have tears coming out of my eyes. That 9-11 second scare is beyond description!

  2. Wait for it, wait for it... as they say. :) That's so funny! She's uncertain whether to laugh or cry there for a bit, you can hear both! And then you can totally see her expecting the next ones.

  3. What a tough kid! I would probably be the type to start bawling if that happened to me at that age... I'm way impressed!

  4. Lincoln loved watching this with me. He knows Rachel's name and loves to see her.

  5. Just looked up the video again. :) Because her facial expressions are pretty much hilarious