Monday, April 14, 2008

Small and Simple Things

It's interesting how the smallest thing can make your day go better.

This morning I got up with Rachel at 6 o'clock. I fed her, hoping that she'd go back to sleep for an hour or so but I didn't have any luck. I even tried putting her back in her crib and turning on the fan so that she could watch it but she wasn't really interested in that. She wanted to be up for the day which meant that I had to be up for the day, too. One of the many imprecations of motherhood.

So we got up and started puttering around the house waiting for daddy to wake up. When the alarm went off, Rachel got back in bed to give daddy some wake-up snuggles (along with a few eye pokes and nose twists). When he got in the shower, Rachel and I went back into the living room to play.

Daddy left for school early so that he could finish the website he was working on without Rachel putting caps lock on or unplugging his mouse and Rachel started acting a little sleepy so we played some quiet games and sang some quiet songs until she was ready for a nap. The terrible thing about waking up early is that nap time is earlier as well. She fell asleep shortly after nine o'clock, which seems rather early to be taking a nap. But she had been up for three hours, and she was sleepy, so I put her down and, because I was still tired, I went to go lie down as well.

I walked into the bedroom and, much to my surprise, the bed was made!

It made me so happy! Just one less thing that I had to try to get done with Rachel nipping at my heels.

Andrew did the same thing on Saturday. I picked Rachel up and said, "Let's go make the bed," and when we walked into the bedroom it was already made.

Perhaps I should get out of bed before Andrew more often...

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