Monday, April 14, 2008

Busy Rachel

We haven't gone to the library in quite some time. It's just been too cold outside to fathom walking that far, at least in my opinion, but today was beautiful so Rachel and I went as soon as we woke up from our morning nap, which was about 9:30.

It was so sunny outside that I decided to have Rachel wear a sunhat. We bought her one a while ago and we've been practicing wearing it inside but it seemed the minute I got it on her head it would be off again. It even has a velcro strap, so I'm not sure how she managed to get it off so quickly every time. Today when I put it on, however, she just shook her head a few times instead of trying to yank it off immediately. I think she noticed that when the hat was on her head the sun wasn't in her eyes so she let it be.

She had fun at the library, pulling a bunch of books off of the bottom shelf and looking at the pictures. We sat at the tables and read a few of the books that she chose because she chose way too many books to be able to take them all home with us!

After we checked out our books I let her play on the lawn in front of the library for a few minutes.

She fell asleep on the way home so I just carried her right upstairs in her stroller and let her continue her nap. She was probably way too hot underneath her blanket but she carries it around everywhere with her and wanted to be wrapped up in it.

When she woke up from her nap she let me know that she wanted to play the piano.

I've been trying to play the piano with her more often because I want to learn to play more hymns and I think it's important that she grows up with music. She just makes it rather difficult to get through any hymns since she won't let me practice in peace unless she's sitting on my lap with full access to the keyboard.

When she was doing more chewing than playing I put her down. She crawled away while I tidied up a few things in her room. I heard her drumming away on something so I went to go find her. I checked the living room first because I was hoping she was using her "drum" from Grandpa L., but she wasn't there. So I followed her noise, and there she was in the bathroom, pounding away on the toilet seat. I helped her wash her hands and tried to take her out of the bathroom but she squirmed so much that I put her down.

She showed me the tub and tried to climb inside it. I didn't want to give her a full bath, so we just filled some containers up with water and played outside. She splashed away to her heart's content for about five minutes...until she noticed the tricycle. She tipped over the container of water in her hurry to get over to it.

I steered her away from the trike and put her on the rocking horse but she still would have nothing to do with it.

So I put her up on the tricycle again and pushed her around a few times. Then she got her feet on the back wheels and started pushing herself again but leaned a little too far, causing a tragic acident. Maybe now she'll believe us when we tell her that the rocking horse is safer than the tricycle.

That was about half our day. I'm exhausted.


  1. Cute sunhat! And that is quite the far...

  2. Oops. The terrible traumas of childhood!

  3. I love the cute outfit and the sunhat!!! So cute! And I really enjoy all the pictures of Rachel sucking on things. They just look cute.

  4. Good thing you went walking on the one not snowy day!

  5. I love how you take a picture of her distress first! Too Funny!