Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reaching New Heights

Our little Rachel is quite the daredevil. She isn't afraid of anything (except the occasional cow or two) and is always teaching us new lessons. This evening she taught us that we need to find a new place to keep her "drum." Since it is a Tupperware container it might go better in the kitchen but she plays with it everyday for a number of her little games so we keep it in the living room.

Andrew was busy doing some last minute research on his computer and I was busy finishing up the blog post about our trip to the farm. Rachel was happily strewing toys all over the floor. There I was in my own little world, typing away, when Andrew yanked me out of it by exclaiming,

"Oh, my goodness!"

"What?" I asked, looking over my shoulder at him. He pointed to the baby and I turned my chair around so that I could see her, too.

"Oh, wow!" I said as I got the camera put back together as quickly as I could.

She had climbed right up onto her "drum" like she'd done it every day of her life and she was so proud of herself for doing it. She didn't stop there though.

We keep the non-baby friendly books (ie: paperbacks and library books) on the third shelf to keep them out of harm's (ie: Rachel's) way. We leave her board books on the second shelf, which she's been able to reach for a long time. I guess Rachel thought that she didn't have enough selection on her shelf and figured she'd help herself to the next shelf up.

Ironically enough, I was reading about Alain Robert yesterday. He climbs tall buildings solo (ie: without equipment) just because he can and for some reason Rachel reminded me of him this evening. His name is henceforth and forever banned from our home. (No offense, Alain, I just don't want Rachel to get any ideas).

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  1. Oh man these kids are hard to keep up with!! Look at her go! What a cutie!