Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Graduation Details

By this time next week Andrew will be finished with his undergraduate education forever. Well, besides finals week. I am probably ten times more excited for him to graduate than I was for me to graduate.

He has been working so hard, non stop, since we got married--and he's been doing incredibly well for the workload that he's been carrying. He takes 15+ credits each semester, sometimes having to get special permission to take extra classes. He works 25+ hours a week--this semester he's also been donating a lot of his time for the ULA/MPLA conference--teaching and working in the library. He finds the time to fulfill his church callings and spend time with me and Rachel and help out around the house. He's pretty much amazing!

We're excited to have the summer free of schoolwork. We've never really had more than a week or so of "no school" our whole married lives, so having Andrew just working will be a nice change of pace before we get back to the old grinding stone.

This week will be a very busy week--Andrew has several major projects to finish--but things will hopefully slow down soon!

Here's the graduation announcement we sent out to our family:

Andrew's planning on having Rachel walk with him, wearing a little cap and gown. We'll see how that goes.


  1. You'd better be on hand to grab her when she decides to eat everything in sight! :) Congratulations to Andrew... that fabulous feeling of having finished again... it happens every time! lol. I should know about every time...

  2. Oh so you're going to be that family. J/K! At least you aren't walking together and having your names announced together. I thought was really weird. Hooray for graduation!

  3. On a related note, I have a friend in need of some basic Arabic translation help. Can I give her Andrew's email address?

  4. I really like that announcement. Did you guys design it? I think it's cute that it's "Nancy AND Rachel are happy to announce." Congratulations Andrew on a huge accomplishment!!! I envy the feeling you will be feeling when you're done with your final paper, your final exam, your final project. There is no other feeling like it in the world.

  5. Amanda, of course you can! (Heidi, Andrew is still planning on writing you back...) Do you have his address?

    Kim, yeah, we did make the announcement ourselves. I'm glad you like it :)

  6. As long as the one on Facebook is correct, I do. She says thanks in advance! Her name is Leisl, and she'll probably email him sometime today. Thanks from me too!