Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dear Diary

I think I'm finally getting the hang of this growing up business. I can do almost everything mommy and daddy can do now, except I can't balance too well on my own.

This morning I was sitting on my pretty yellow potty and I saw mommy's hairbrush sitting on the counter. I've never really paid much attention to the counter, but I know that a lot of cool stuff is on it--like toothbrushes, hair elastics, mommy's necklaces, and the like. I hadn't brushed my hair yet today so I figured that I would just borrow mommy's brush.

I sat on the potty for a minute, trying to figure out how to get off it unseen (for some reason mommy doesn't like me to crawl off it while I'm going. I'm not sure why). When I finally saw that mommy wasn't paying attention to me anymore I slipped off, crawled over to the counter, pulled myself up and felt around blindly until my hand touched the brush handle.


Note to self: brushes are more fun to chew on than to brush your hair with.

Not only can I reach the top of the bathroom cupboard...I discovered today that I can also reach the top of the kitchen table. Mom left the cookie sheet she used to carry the cupcakes yesterday on the table. She was doing the dishes and I figured she needed a little help clearing the table, so I reached up and pulled the cookie sheet on top of me, spilling little bits of dried icing all over the floor.

Mommy didn't really like that and she took me into the kitchen with her so that she could keep a better eye on me. Did you know that drawers have stuff in them?

Apparently everyone knew this but me! Why didn't anyone ever tell me about this?

I was pulling myself up on the drawers today and one of them opened and a whole bunch of things I've never seen before magically appeared. There was a box in the drawer with a bunch of little plastic bags in it. They were rather slippery and kind of popped out of the box like kleenex (also fun). I pulled out as many as I could before mommy stopped me, cleaned up the baggies, and shut the drawer.

I think she thought she had left it open because after she shut it she put me right back down in front of it. Silly mommy! I opened up the drawer and pulled out the plastic baggies again. They're fun to play with, but before I could even stick one in my mouth, mommy realized that it was me opening up the drawers and she stopped cleaning the kitchen to play with me.

At least, that's what she said, "Let's go play." It was really more of a feeble attempt to distract me from all the cool things in the kitchen.

Note to self: mommy doesn't really like me to touch much of anything I want to touch. I must be more sneaky.

So, that's what I've learned today. Soon I will be able to get into everything mommy tries to hide from me, be it high or low!


  1. That's hilarious. Thanks for giving me a laugh when I needed it. :)

  2. Let the games begin! Just when you think you have things under control and out of their reach they find new things to get into. It's amazing!

  3. Wow, I really felt like it was Rachel's perspective. I still feel only slightly sympathetic of her plight although this is a good reminder to think of the baby's perspective.