Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby Fortress

After lunch I pulled all the cushions off the couch so that I could vacuum under them since we haven't done that since we got the couch (shhh! don't tell) and there were plenty of little treasures hiding under and between them.

Rachel had a great time climbing over and around them while they were piled up on the floor. When I was all finished vacuuming, Rachel and I built a fort. Mostly I built it and Rachel played in it, but that's beside the point.

We read Teeny Tiny Tingly Tales, a book of (not so) scary stories, in the dark of our fort. Rachel thought the pictures were pretty silly.

Then we played some rousing games of peek-a-boo, rub-your-head-on-the-roof, and knock-the-door-down.

Rub your head on the roof

More head rubbing

We had to brace the supporting walls of the fort against the couch and the table because the first time Rachel knocked down the door the whole fort collapsed on top of her, which she didn't really enjoy. She found knocking down just the door pretty enjoyable, though.

Knocking down the back door

Knocking down the front door

After about a half hour of playing Rachel was pretty worn out (and all staticky from rubbing her head on cushions) and I was wondering if it was fair that I was having this much fun while Andrew was stuck at work all day. And then Rachel needed to go potty and, while I wrestled with Rachel to get a diaper on her after she was finished, I remembered that motherhood, as much fun as it can be, isn't all fun and games. Still, I'd rather have my current job than be away from my baby all day long!


  1. Looks like fun - she's a cutey. But are you sure you want to teach her how fun the cushions are...? Matthew had a babysitter who showed him the fun of pulling off all the cushions and jumping on them. Now we find ourselves cushion-less all the time... :)

  2. Currently the idea doesn't bother me.

    It only takes a few minutes to put the cushions back on...and I deserve to not have cushions on my couch, anyway. Goodness knows how many times I pulled the cushions off the couch when I was little...

  3. I love her little tongue sticking out in these pictures! Too funny! Do you remember how I would get you guys to clean the house? We'd build a fort similar to the one you've got Rachel in and then we run across the living room and karate kick it in. Whenever it fell over, that person would have to clean while I reset the cushions. Come to think of it, I'm not sure why you guys played that game with me... You had to do all the cleaning and I just reset the cushions. Kind of like the reading game too. Where we would set the timer and whatever page number we were at we had to clean up that many things. What a long drawn out way to clean. Although, sometimes, I'll play a game on the computer, and whatever my score is, that's what I have to pick up. It takes longer, but it really is more fun!

  4. I remember the fort "game." I only wish I had noticed when I was younger that you were only playing it to get out of work. Josie caught on right away when I tried it on her.

    I always was the gullible one though, wasn't I?

    I don't remember the book game so much...

  5. LOL. Our living room was in a constant state of fort-ness my entire childhood. My brothers were always tearing the furniture down. They'd sometimes leave a really elaborate fort going for days... Until we were about to have visitors. Then my mum would make them put it all back together again. Oddly, though, I never actually got much involved with the fort-making. Seemed to be a guy thing in our family.