Friday, April 11, 2008

Alumni is so dumb!

Andrew and I went to the Senior Celebration at BYU yesterday while his parents babysat Rachel. We were both starving so the minute we were admitted we went straight for the free food, which was marvelous. They had pizza, burgers, soda fountains, ice cream, and chips. Pretty much the whole food court was ours for the taking. The rest of the party was so-so, but the food was awesome.

After we were finished eating we wandered into the terrace to look at the "carnival" games, most of which had long lines and waiting lists.

A banner greeting us, saying, "Welcome BYU's Newest Alumni!"

"What's the new west?" asked Andrew.

"Hmmm?" I asked. He pointed to the banner.

"Honey, that's newest."

"Oh, right...uhhh...look, SWAG!"

He grabbed a little bag with graduation information and a magnet in it to cover up his embarrassment.

This is the same person who signed up to work during graduation. I was putting some things on our family calendar yesterday and I noticed that he was scheduled to work all day on the 24th.

"Andrew," I said, "Are you planning on attending your graduation on Thursday?"

"Yeah, why?" he asked.

"Because you signed up to work all day that day."

When he went to work today he switched his hours around so that he could get all his hours in for the week and still be able to attend graduation and become one of BYU's newest alumni. Look out world, here he comes!


  1. woohoo! yay for graduation! I can't wait until matt gets there, and I'm so glad I'm past it!


  2. Look out Egypt, here he comes... Do you think maybe he shaves his head regularly to try to disguise that fact that he's blond? lol
    When said blond has time, I would still very much appreciate a scathingly academic riposte to people who refuse to educate themselves and think that Islam has a modern prophet... lol (Include the full-barrelled title of BA with 3 degrees in related stuff - aka expert in the field who must therefore know much more than a little peon working on her PhD... lol)