Thursday, May 01, 2008

You could be my nero, baby!

Right now Andrew and I are working on making a photo book of our Jordan trip. We have so many projects that we're trying to get finish before we leave for Egypt this summer--among them we need to get all of our pictures organized and finish putting our blog in book format.

A few hours ago we were sitting on the couch working on our book. Our window was open because our house is perpetually unusually hot, so even though it was freezing cold outside today our house was around 80 degrees. We heard this wind pick up and then we heard the tell-tale sound of raindrops.

It was snowing earlier today so hearing the rain made Andrew and I look at each other in surprise.

"Is it raining?" Andrew exclaimed rhapsodically, "Let me check."

I was fully expecting him to jump up, throw open the curtains, and look out the window. Instead he pressed F4.

A cutsie little weather station popped up on his monitor, stating that it was, indeed, warm enough to rain.

"Yup!" he affirmed, "It's raining."

I could do little but stare at him with my mouth wide open and my eyes bugging out.

"Did you seriously just...?" I trailed off, joining Andrew in a fit of laughter.

Our couch is about three paces from the window, and yet my neroic husband used his computer to check the weather.

The good thing about Andrew is that he keeps me laughing. I don't think there has been a single day that he hasn't lived up to his promise to make me laugh everyday. Even my worst days are interrupted by moments of complete silliness, thanks to Andrew.

Last night Andrew was being helpful and put drain-o down the bathroom sink. The drain-o was taking its dear, sweet time working through the clog and Andrew, who was standing by watching the progress, decided he needed some chap stick. So he opened the cabinet, got out the chap stick, licked his lips and then put on some chap stick. He always licks his lips before putting on chap stick for some reason (which I will never understand). Reveling in the sensation of his freshly coated lips, Andrew fumbled the chap stick and dropped it.

It bounced around on the counter and then plopped right into the puddle of drain-o in the sink.

"Oh, no!" thought Andrew, "The chap stick!"

He plunged in his hand and retrieved the chap stick.

What I heard was, "Aaaaahhhhhhh!"

What he thought was, "I just stuck my hand into drain-o! What do I do? I can't feel my fingers! I can't use this tap...I can't feel my fingers! the kitchen!"

Andrew ran into the kitchen all the while feeling a numb, tingling sensation in his fingers. He turned the water on full blast and stuck his hand under the faucet. He rinsed off the chap stick and washed his hands. Then he rinsed off his hands and washed the chap stick. And then he washed his hands and rinsed off the chap stick. He used a whole lot of water and was gone for a very long time.

He was worried because his hand was numb, so he kept it under the water in order to rinse off the drain-o and get the feeling back in his hand. It was while he was rinsing that he realized that drain-o doesn't make your hand feel numb.

"Wait a minute," he thought to himself, "Drain-o doesn't make your hand go numb. That must be in my head. Oh, hand's not numb anymore. It was all psychological."

He saved the clogged sink, he saved the chap stick, he saved his numb hand and he offered to save me, should I ever happen to fall into a vat of drain-o. Behold the power of my supernero!


  1. You can keep him...

  2. Ha! I did the same thing once, but by accident. I have four outside windows in my office, but they are either to my right or behind me. (Why yes, I do have a corner office. Hehe!) Anywho. I was sitting at my desk when an email popped up with the subject line of "It's snowing!". I turned around, and sure enough, it was snowing, and my computer told me first.

  3. hehe, Andrew is such a nut. But, I also lick my lips before I put chap stick on.