Monday, May 12, 2008

Too many bosses spoil the office

Working at BYU, you typically have more bosses than you know what to do with. When I worked in the cataloging department is was doing metadata, labeling, and working with special collections. That meant that I was under Kayla, Naomi, Pam, Bob, and Karla. I had to remember who to go to for which questions and was never quite sure who was supposed to approve my timecard or verify my schedule.

When I worked in acquisitions it was just as bad. I was a reciever and was the student in charge of processing all gifts and donations. I was under Becky and Liz and Kiersten, but could also ask questions to Heather or Josh or Deb. If I was really desperate I could always consult with Bill.

Quite confusing, if you ask me.

Andrew finds himself in the same boat, especially since he, like me, is working a variety of positions concurrently. He works at the Information Commons Reference desk, he works as a computer proctor, and he works as a Multimedia Lab Consulant. He also has a lot of different bosses for each of his duties.

This can come in handy sometimes. Like today when Andrew and some coworkers got their hands on some caution tape and got Cyndee to let them into Michael's office.

Good to know he's hard at work all day while I'm at home goofin' around...

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  1. Guess he's got to leave them something to remember him by...