Tuesday, May 20, 2008

10 months

It is so hard to believe that our little baby is now 10 months old--and how much she's changed since last month! She learns something new everyday! Here's what's new this month:
  • She can eat whole crackers now, among many other things.
  • She waves hello sometimes, but more often just bye-bye.
  • She can take about 5 steps on her own.
  • She growls at pictures of lions.
  • She chases and throws balls.
  • If you ask her to go get something for you, she will.
  • She doesn't like to spill while she eats and won't take another bite until you clean up her mess.
  • She blows kisses...kind of... Really she just kisses her hand while smiling at you.
  • Her hair is long enough for pigtails.
  • She has six teeth now.
  • She's still as cute as can be!

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