Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lions and tigers and tyrannosaurids, oh my!

We went to BYU's Earth Science Museum for playgroup today. It's not all that big so even though the kids had fun their fun lasted for about 10 minutes. We walked through the museum looking at all the rocks and the dinosaur bones and even got to touch some fossils.

Rachel was much more interested in touching the plastic palm trees than she was in touching any old fossil. She has this tree fixation recently.

After that one quick walk through we were done. The museum is small and it was rather crowded. A school class was on a field trip so there were nine year olds with cell phones and iPods everywhere snapping pictures of dinosaurs and jamming away. One particular student must have thought that we had come along as chaperones because she kept coming up to ask us questions.

"Do you have a pencil?"

"Where can I find the biggest mammal?"

"I have to go to the bathroom."

Eventually the needy little girl found a real chaperone and left us alone. We were amazed though at how many kids had electronic devices connected to their ears. I was amazed at how they were pushing aside our little babies to get by us. Kids these days!

After we had finished our short time with the dinosaurs we decided to go to the Bean Museum as well. We had driven quite a ways to get to BYU and weren't ready to go home quite yet.

I think the kids were more excited about the Life Science Museum than they were about the dinosaur museum anyway.

There is an amazing display up in the main room right now of lions and wolves and things donated by Ken Behring. They are displayed in a very lively fashion. Rachel just wanted to see the moose opposite of the exibit.

It was fun to see how much more Rachel was interested in the animals this time around than she was the last time we went to the museum. She's getting to be such a big girl!

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  1. I so enjoy going to the life science museum, though the older I get, the more mixed feelings I have about it... Wanted, dead or alive... :) Seriously, though, I still have so much fun there! I guess I never grew out of the stage Rachel is growing into now... And I'm doing a what? lol.