Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spinning around in circles

Sometimes when it's too icky to go outside we have to think up ways to turn our house into an amusement park. It isn't that we don't have downtime because we do: we read stories, we play quietly with baby dolls, we sing songs and play hand games. The thing is, though, that Rachel is very active and can only do quiet activities for so long before she has to get some energy out. That is why we like the park so much.

Yesterday evening was pretty gross, weather wise. A thick cloud of dust had settled over our valley and, although we braved the dust and went for a short pre-bedtime walk, we couldn't even have our windows open. We could taste the dust in the air. It was gross.

So we stayed inside. To help Rachel get her wiggles out, Andrew spun her on our big, black rocking chair. We do that from time to time. She loves it! She'll sometimes go over to the chair and rock it back and forth or will walk around, spinning herself. It's more fun when Daddy does it, though, because she goes faster and doesn't have to work at all.

We're starting to go fast!

Yay! That's fun!

Thanks, Daddy!

And this is my favorite picture of them all. She's just so cute!

Okay, I'm ready for more!


  1. It's the really big, cheesy grin that does it! :)

  2. She is adorable! don't you just love your rocking chair? I have 2!