Friday, May 02, 2008

When Sawyer comes to play

On Thursday night we babysat Sawyer while his mom and dad went to the temple. Rachel adores Sawyer. First of all, he can walk, a talent Rachel is very envious of. Second, he has eyes, which is something Rachel likes to point out to people.

Sawyer wasn't very comfortable with Rachel at first; she was a little too aggressive for him. She's too aggressive for a lot of people, even big people. (Today we went out for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and Rachel grabbed the face of some random passerby. Grandpa made the mistake of asking her where her nose was at just the wrong time and she thought she'd show the person walking by where his nose was. She also helped the waitress pour water all over the table. Sigh). So Sawyer spent the first little why crying and hiding behind my legs. It seemed that Rachel's main goal was to either pull herself up on him and then use him as a push-toy, or to cover him with kisses.

She did a lot of both before I eventually communicated to Sawyer that he could run away. Then they played a lot of chasing games with Rachel crawling after Sawyer as fast as she could while he ran around the living room. If she got too close she'd grab him and he'd trip and they'd end up crying in a big pile of baby.

Things got a lot easier after Andrew got home and we were able to divide our attention between the two kiddos.

They played with the juice lid bank for probably an hour. We filled it up and dumped it out more times than I could imagine counting. Sawyer was so good at putting the lids in the slot and Rachel tried so hard but just couldn't get it.

Sawyer got to be the more aggressive one during dinner. He has more teeth and can chew his food faster than Rachel can. He kept trying to take cereal out of her hand (or mouth, whatever the case may be), which she didn't really appreciate.

It's so strange to think that both Sawyer and Rachel are so old already. It doesn't seem so long ago that Val and I were pregnant and now Sawyer is over a year old and Rachel is fast approaching the year mark! It's been fun to watch them grow up together though, Sawyer always a stage or two ahead of Rachel.

When he could roll over, she was just trying. When he could sit up, she was starting to practice that. When he started crawling, Rachel was jealous. And now that he can walk, she is green with envy. Don't worry little baby! You'll catch up soon enough!


  1. Oh, and you think you have your hands full now!

  2. She is getting so big!! I have to try and meet this little girl sometime!