Friday, May 09, 2008

We need an olympic-sized bathtub

I really wish that the crypto bacteria in the pools here would suddenly disappear so that I could take my baby swimming. For now, Rachel just goes swimming in the bathtub, which she finds entertaining enough.

She certainly is a handful, whether in the tub or out. She's up and down and all around...all the time. She never stops moving. I've never seen a baby who likes the water quite as much as Rachel, who has no problem submerging her whole face to blow bubbles and will gladly let the shower spray her in the face. She splashes and squeals and crawls around in circles. The only thing she doesn't like is floating on her back, so we practice that every time she takes a bath.

And now for an entourage of pictures...


  1. Cute movie! She sure moves aLot! She'll be walking completely on her own before you know it!

  2. she is so cute! I love her! I miss her! I need to see her!!!!!! (Oh, and you and Andrew too....)

  3. Emmy hates lying down on her back, too! I wonder why...
    Rachel is too cute. I can't believe how mobile she it. Emmy just had her first birthday and is just starting to stand by herself and take a step or two. I'm ready for her to not wear holes in the knees of her pants (or her knees!). We'll see.