Monday, May 05, 2008

Rachel-sized FHE lesson

We had a bite-sized lesson during FHE today, just for Rachel, before we had the real lesson for us. She just can't handle anything more than thirty seconds right now.

So we sang one of her favorite primary songs:

I am like a star shining brightly,
Smiling for the whole world to see.

I can do and say happy things each day,

For I know Heavenly Father loves me.

After we were finished singing (and Rachel had stopped jumping up and down, laughing, shrieking, and clapping her hands) I looked at Rachel and asked her,

"Can you do and say happy things each day?"

The biggest, most goofy grin I have ever seen spread across her face.

I'm not sure whether it meant, "Of course I will," or if it was more along the lines of, "Who are you kidding?"

Hopefully it meant "Of course I will!" We pray everyday that Rachel will be a good, obedient child with the desire to choose the right--everyday since we found out she'd be joining our family. She's a very good baby most of the time, and definitely does and says things that are happy each day (just not every moment of every day).

(the sky is weird-looking because there's a thunderstorm a brewin')

She was very happy today when we did our FHE activity! We walked to Coney's to get some yummy, yummy custard. Rachel wanted some so we gave her some packets of ketchup instead. She held onto them the whole time we were eating (we did share a little with her) and the whole way home. They kept her little hands busy and out of our ice cream!

We're currently taking our real lessons from the Book of Mormon study guide, so today we talked about prophets while Rachel nursed. She finished nursing just as we finished talking so we finished up the lesson with a thrilling rendition of "Follow the Prophet" in Italian.


  1. Bless. You are going to have your hands full, even when she is choosing the right! Way too much energy for one person.
    By the way, the family only has one dog now. The female, who was by far the more rambunctious, had to be put down last summer. The male is getting a bit creakier and he was always much less forward anyway.

  2. Heidi, I was going to comment about dogs--and since you brought it up again, I will--dogs won't just sniff Nancy and then run on past, because they think SHE is what they should chase and kill. She gives off so many fear-induced hormones that I am sure they sniff the air and think "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" and probably also "what a strange looking rabbit, but it smells right!"

  3. We sang "Follow the Prophet" at Family Home Evening, only in English and only 3 verses because Matt doesn't really know any of the verses at all. He just mumbles along with me. I like that song.

  4. Truthfully, we only sang the chorus. I don't know any of the verses very well in Italian.

    And this is how Andrew sang 'I am like a star' with me:


    I can la, la, la, mmhhmm, la, la DAY!

    La, mmm, mmm, hmmmEAVENLY FATHER LOVES ME!

    Yeah, apparently someone needs to go back to primary! :)

  5. But at least they sing along, right?