Sunday, May 04, 2008

Escape Artist

It was way past Rachel's bedtime by the time we started driving home. We went over to Grandma and Grandpa's after the airport to help them unload their suitcases--all twelve of them! As it turns out we didn't have to because Uncle Rod was there and had already finished unloading the truck by the time we showed up.

Rachel was glad we stopped though because she got to squeeze a little nurse time in while we visited for a few minutes. Just long enough to get satisfied.

She still wasn't too thrilled about having to sit in the car though. She wanted to be out and in mom's lap (and eating, I presume).

She started whining and crying and pulling against the shoulder straps.

Then she stopped whining and leaned really far over the edge of her car seat. So far that her head was almost in my lap. I thought she was just being silly but, no. She was leaning over so far in order to pull her arm out of the strap. No wonder she was able to lean so far out of her seat--she was almost out of her seat belt!

She had a proud little grin on her face and looked at Andrew and me like we should be proud as well. Instead I forced her back into her restraints, which brought on a new bout of tears.

Amazingly enough she stayed awake the whole way up to the airport, the whole time at the airport, the whole way home to Andrew's parents' house, and half way home to our house!

It was about time she fell asleep! She woke up this morning shortly before 9:00 (we slept in because she was awake for about two hours in the middle of the night, howling). She didn't go down for a nap until after 1:00, woke up just before 2:00 and then was awake until around 9:30 PM! Hopefully she'll sleep all night tonight! She's one tired baby!


  1. Wow. Rachel is sure an active little girl!

  2. Auntie Colleen once said "I defy them to build a car seat than can hold Heather!" Looks like Rachel is just another acorn from the family tree!

  3. Sorry that I am not a good enough editor to notice that I put "than" where it should have been "that." And on a side note to Diana--Josie and I went and watched "Mulan" at the Scera last night--We were surprised to see James on stage. He did a good job in his part.

  4. Hey, Thanks so much for the pictures of Kayl. You're really good at taking the cutest pictures.