Sunday, May 25, 2008

Learning to walk

Sometimes I wonder if we aren't all still learning how to walk. It seems to me that Rachel is just adding a few steps every time she tries. First it was one, then it was two, then three, then four. Today she went eight!

She just let go of Andrew's hands and walked over to her Grandpa like she'd done it a million times.

We tried to get her to show off a little bit later, but she wouldn't take any more than three steps.

Still, eight steps is a lot of steps for a little girl. I wonder when she'll take nine.

It almost makes me want to break out my pedometer just to see how many steps I took today. Then I can brag about it to everyone I see.

"10,678!" I'd say.

"What?" they'd say.

"I took 10,678 steps today! And I didn't even fall down! Of course, I had to stop and rest a few times, and I almost lost my balance once or twice, but still, 10,678 is quite a lot of steps for a girl my age!"

"Uh, yeah," they'd say, trying to placate me, "That's nice."

"But yesterday I only went 10,503 steps. I'm getting a lot better! This walking thing is really exciting! You know, I'm so excited I feel like I could hug something. Anything will do. You...or...this couch!"

The person would walk away, a little disturbed, while I would snuggle my face into the couch, just like Rachel does when she reaches her goal.

Perhaps it would be a little old to celebrate one more step--I'm sure we'll eventually lose count of how many steps Rachel can take (like when she really takes off running, which will be any day, I'm sure)--but maybe we are all still learning to walk. You never know when you could just forget how one day.


  1. The forgetting part happens to the best of us, I'm sure... *sigh* I'm tired. I went for a couple of good long walks today. To and from church, and then for a mosey with some people I went to see from church.

  2. Nancy, I love you! You always know what I need to laugh. What's funny, is that I quite often trip over nothing and almost fall. I'd like to think that I am graceful enough to recover appropriately without too much flair. Nonetheless, someone always catches me in the utmost moment and asks, "Been walking long?" As much as I'd like to boast and brag that almost 29 years worth of practice has gone into this walking... I simply blush and mumble an embarrassed partial apology. Oh to be ten months old again where it's okay to fall once in awhile :P I envy Rachel quite often!

  3. Do you really walk that much each day? (this question is for nancy, not for rachel) - impressive!

  4. I haven't actually worn a pedometer for quite some time, but we don't have a car during the day, so I'm sure I do!

    We go for a walk everyday (when it isn't cold and rainy), we usually get in 2 to 6 miles per day, and that doesn't include all the walking we do at home/at the playground, etc.

    So I'm pretty sure we get in that many steps per was a guess. :)

  5. That's amazing she's so close to walking already, isn't she just barely 10 months? Go Rachel! :)