Monday, May 11, 2015

A few things I forgot

This morning Miriam greeted me by saying, "Happy Day-after Mother's Day!" which made me remember that when I walked out of the bedroom on Saturday morning I was greeted with a banner on the floor that Rachel had woken up early to make. It was a lovely surprise.

Also on Saturday morning we went to the hospital for a tour of the birthing facility—before going in to have the baby. It felt good to get that under our belt. Last time we had a baby we joked about the VIP tour we got because I ended up touring the birthing center in a wheelchair, being wheeled from the emergency room to labour and delivery to imaging and then back to labour and delivery. I had been signed up to take a tour around 36 weeks...but we didn't make it that far. This time, however, we did!

We also did a "sibling class," which Rachel thought would be terribly redundant for her but she seemed to enjoy it. Benjamin certainly enjoyed it the most.

I hope he's ready for this. He's been such a handful lately. But ready or not his life is changing so I suppose he'll adjust (as everyone does).

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