Friday, May 01, 2015


"Are we officially boring old people?" I sighed to Andrew as we were driving home from our mini-vacation this morning.

"I don't think so," he said. "I think this pregnancy has been hard [insert short discussion of things I did while pregnant with Rachel and Miriam and Benjamin that we didn't even dare do this pregnancy, like traveling to Israel or camping in the middle of nowhere] and that's what's made life seem boring. With you having doctor appointments every week and not being allowed to drive more than two hours away we've been pretty much stuck since we got back from Utah in January."

"That, and soccer or cheer every Saturday and you being so busy finishing your prospectus," I said—because not everything's my fault, surely!

But it's true that we haven't done anything, really, and can't do much, so when Andrew's mom suggested we take a vacation I was wondering where and what'd we'd do. I had my doctor appointment on Thursday, Andrew needed to coach soccer on Thursday, and then Saturday morning we have soccer games. And we can't go far away anyway. I was like, "What is even the point?"

Andrew said "the point" was that I haven't ever been away from my kids, except to have another baby, so it was high time I experienced that because he's gotten to do it loads of times (always going off to conferences and leaving me behind with the kids) and it's awesomely relaxing.

So Andrew ended up booking a hotel in south Durham (how exotic) with a beautiful view of a lake. We skipped soccer practice on Thursday (it ended up being cancelled due to a thunder storm, anyway) and went to the temple instead. We went out for dinner at Chili's—Andrew wanted to do a more local "foodie" restaurant but with diabetes it's easier to go to bigger chains that have published their nutrition information online—and then went to Target and walked laps around the store to burn off the dinner we just ate (because food is the bane of my existence).

After spending more money than we meant to on the sales racks (sorry, but (for example) pants were $3 a pair and we have a new school year coming up soon) we went back to the hotel, watched a show, and went to bed.

In the morning we got up, got ready to go, checked out, and went to breakfast at Waffle House. I had one bite of Andrew's waffle and then did my best to enjoy my plain scrambled eggs, sausage, whole wheat toast, and tomatoes while I enviously eyed his hashbrowns. Seriously—I'm always reading about how "People with diabetes can eat the same foods the family enjoys," and how a diabetic diet is good for everyone...and I don't even think that I eat atrociously when I'm not diabetic...but seriously, at this point in my life I do feel deprived...and I certainly feel like no one in the world actually eats like a diabetic. Because clearly this is torture.

For dinner tonight, for example, I had one (rather smallish) piece of pizza (we haven't had pizza since March, for the record (because I have one of those (a record of all the food I've eaten since March))), which is only two carb choices and then I "filled up" on lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, and cottage cheese. And then I biked for forty minutes because I know pizza's no good for me right now (but I'm also supposed to be able to eat the same food the family enjoys (in moderation). When I took my blood sugar it was 118 mg/dL (and my maximum is 120 mg/dL)! With only two carbs (when I'm "allowed" to have three)—one lousy piece of pizza—and a workout like that you'd think (or at least I'd think) it would have been a little better but whatever.

I'm trying to grow a human here! I'm so hungry! I can hardly wait for my evening snack (fifteen minutes to go (not that I'm watching the clock or anything) until I can safely eat it without throwing off my morning glucose).


We thought about going to a movie after breakfast, but it was raining and we didn't feel like sitting in the theater for an hour until showtime, and there wasn't anything we were desperate to see. So instead we went to Aldi's because we'd never been and Andrew wanted to check it out. We each chose a German chocolate bar. Andrew ate part of his in the car. I put mine (white chocolate/coconut) into my hospital bag when we got home where it will wait until after this evil placenta (and wonderful baby) pops out of my body.

And that was it. We didn't even get to walk around the lake because when it was nice outside I was like, "I'm not going to waste a walk on a preprandial workout!" And then after we'd finished eating both times it was pouring so we...walked around stores like boring old people.

We were hoping to be really adventurous and use the paddle boat, but alas
I enjoy walking, but when I have to work out three times a day after eating you'd better believe I'm not itching to squeeze in another workout before eating as well.

I will admit that even though we didn't even though we make it outside of the city and all poor Andrew had for companionship was a boring/grumpy pregnant lady, it was nice to not have to worry about taking anyone potty. And no one was still screaming at me to tuck them in (again) at 10:00 at night. And we didn't have to do any dishes. And when we got ready to go in the morning it was so easy with just the two of us, rather than the five of us.

The kids had a fun time with Grandma—going to McDonald's, braving the thunderstorm, watching a movie (on a school night, lucky kids!) and losing Rachel's front tooth—and were still excited to see us when we got home.

We're not boring old people, right? We're just so-ready-to-be-done-with-this people: done with this prospectus (check) and done with this pregnancy (almost check).

Thank you, Grandma, for letting us take a day to relax and breathe a little easier! (And sorry Benjamin wet the bed and then climbed into yours with his soggy pyjamas on...)


  1. I kind of love that a trip to Aldi made it into your date morning! :)

  2. The trick to loving life is relishing the mundane. Excitement and adventure are overrated when you are parents of young children.

  3. We just took a mini vacation and ended up spending two hours in bed flipping through very random foreign channels (I think I've seen the Simpsons in every country I've visited). But the best part is that you CAN do those things because there's nothing else you have to do!