Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Cards

 Miriam, card-maker extraordinare, has been peppering me with cards the entire week and they are therefore scattered all around the house, but here's one that I found. When Miriam handed it to me she said, "Is this good enough for a blog post?" Yes, my dear. It definitely is...

And here's one her sweet primary teacher helped her make today at church. Those are fingerprint flowers. Miriam wanted to dress "like a cloud" today so she wore a white skirt and a white blouse; she was dripping in white from her head to her toes. Major kudos to her teacher for sending Miriam home without a speck of paint on her!

When we went to school on Thursday to decorate doors all the little grade two-ers (or second graders)  were carrying large white envelopes. Rachel immediately thrust her envelope into her hands and gushed, "This is for Mother's Day, but open it now!"

Inside was a Rubin vase of Rachel's silhouette, filled with flowers that she'd painted:

There was also this booklet:

I love reading the answers these questionnaires solicit, though Rachel's are getting quite accurate and are therefore a little less humorous than they've been in the past they sure are fun to read still!