Friday, May 01, 2015

It's finally gone!

Last night Grandma convinced Rachel, who was almost having an existential crisis about it, to put out her tooth. She was bawling in bed because her tooth hurt even when her lip would touch it and she was afraid it was going to fall out in the middle of the night and then she'd choke on it and...basically she'd never be happy ever again.

So Grandma let her get out of bed to play on the iPad with the condition that she wiggle that tooth the entire time. She did, and eventually that tooth popped right on out! Hallelujah!

We didn't get to see Rachel's beautiful gap until she came home from school today:

She said she had no problems eating her lunch at school today and even ate and apple, just because she could.

She was sure to roll her eyes when I asked her to stay still for "just one more" picture.

I think everyone—but most especially Rachel—is happy to have that tooth out of there!


  1. yesterday was just full of good stuff! :)

  2. I remember some times a while ago when I just kept losing teeth a lot. I liked to name myself Toothless.