Friday, May 15, 2015


This evening Rachel watched a super creepy double-episode of Dr. Who and then Andrew sent her to bed to read more of Two Towers. Suddenly we heard her screaming in her room.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhh! Ahhh!" she screamed over and over again.

"Finally!" Andrew cheered.

How he knew she'd managed to finally yank that tooth out is beyond me. I was sure she'd been freaked out by something she'd watched/read. But, no. She'd just managed to yank her tooth out.

And now she has a very gappy smile!

I always wanted to lose my two front teeth simultaneously (when I was a kid I mean, not now) but I didn't manage it. Mine came out one at a time and the second one took so long that there was a tooth in place by the time it left a new gap. My little brother Patrick and my cousin Ash both managed to lose their two front teeth at the same time, at the same time. Somewhere there's a picture of the two of them grinning their toothless grins together.

And now Rachel's managed to do it, too! Some people have all the luck.

Maybe I should have thought of slamming my face into the bottom of my sister's swing to knock my teeth super loose (though I think if Rachel could have a redo she would avoid repeating that incident).

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