Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Baby blankets

Well, I finished reading the Book of Mormon on Friday, I finished Zoë's blanket on Sunday, and this morning the odometer on my bike passed 686 miles so I made it to San Fransisco. And Zoë's still not here. I have the feeling she'll hang on until the bitter end (I'm 38 weeks today!).

Her blanket ended up rather small, but it's super warm and thick. It'll probably make a better tummy time mat than a blanket this summer, but it will also make a nice car seat blanket for the winter. It's not really the sort of thing you'd wrap a baby in, but that's okay because it's pretty.

The total cost was $0 because I used all scrap yarn, most of which I got from Aunt Therena back in 2010. But the hours that went into this project were...priceless. I don't even know how long it took to make this thing. Hours upon hours. But, again, at least it's cute, right?

Speaking of baby blankets, here's Benjamin with what he's dubbed his "spiderweb blanket," which I finished earlier this year (and started a few days before he was born...):

I thought I was finished with it—it's certainly big enough to wrap a baby in and it's large enough to tuck around Benjamin—but when I was organizing my yarn I found another skein of this yarn, so I must have meant to use another one on this project. I suppose I still could...but I want to give my fingers a rest. Between being poked for measuring blood sugar and prying sewing needles and crochet hooks around I'm feeling a little calloused.


  1. That is a loy of adorable flowers. S asked me if I would learn to knit so I could make her a sweater and I said, "No!" :).