Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pre-baptism pictures

Just before dinner yesterday evening we got Rachel all dolled up and tromped outside to take some pictures for her baptism invitations (sometimes when companies offer me free things I just can't say no—and these free cards expire today so we had to get 'em done).

Rachel had just come home from a soccer game and was sweaty and dirty so I told her to take a shower, but then she was dripping wet so I said, "We'll have to blow dry your hair; come with me."

She followed me into the bathroom and I pulled out my blowdryer.

"You have a blowdryer?!" she asked, amazed.

"Yes," I said. "How else did you think I was going to blow dry your hair?"

"I thought you were actually going to blow on it," she said.

Obviously I don't use my blowdryer very often, but I'm sure I use it at least once a year (maybe) it's not like it's a complete mystery. After I finished blow drying her hair I took a section of her hair and put it into a twist.

"Will you do a twist on the other side and put them together in the back?" she asked eagerly, so I did. When I was finished with her hair she said, "This is like elf hair! Now I know what I want to be when I grow up—an elf!"

"You want to elf...when you grow up," I repeated.

"I mean for Halloween!" she said. "Not when I grow up. That would be silly."

She's in the middle of reading Two Towers and watched The Fellowship of the Rings over the weekend so she's a little obsessed with elven culture and all things middle-earth. I was just happy to find a hairstyle that she liked that wasn't a ponytail. She asked me to repeat it this morning for church.

Anyway, we took her out in her pretty dress to take some pictures and it was a fabulous experience! Originally she said, "We're just going to take one picture and then be done, right?" but she cooperated through something like 80 shots—smiled lovely, posed beautifully, and looked at the camera when we told her to.

It's like she's not three years old anymore—she's suddenly a young lady! Taking pictures of her was easy!

We got a date all squared away today and when I talked to the clerk about booking the church he said, "What month is this for?"

"July," I answered.

"July...and you want to book the church now?"

"Well, yes," I said. "I'm having the baby soon and then we'll be going to Utah and by the time we get back we'll only have a few days before her baptism, so, yes, I want to get things squared away now."

I'm nesting, okay! Give me a break and put it on the calendar already. Besides, she's excited!


  1. Giggles galore! "You have a blow dryer?" know how to use it? What a wonderment!

  2. She thought you were going to blow on her hair! So funny!

    I love these pictures, and cannot decide which I like best! I like the contrast between the white dress and the greenness around her. She posed wonderfully!

    Why do you have to book the church? For a party when she gets baptized? How exciting!

    1. We'll probably have a little reception of sorts after; nothing fancy. The real reason to book the church is so that no one else books it for anything else (a wedding reception or a basketball game or other activity). :)

  3. Urf. My comment got lost. OK. Here we go again. That totally cracked me up! And awesome that she's already reading LOTR. :-D