Thursday, May 05, 2011

Blossoming vocabulary

We were lucky enough to get to talk with Bumpa (in Germany) and Daddy (in Ghana) today.

Miriam insisted that she get her turn to talk on the lo-lo. That's what she calls the telephone; I'm not quite sure why but it's either because we say "Hello" when we answer it or because she has a play phone with Elmo on it that sings "La, la, la, la! Elmo's world!" No matter the reason behind it, it's cute.

When she got on the lo-lo with Bumpa all she said was "Daddy?" over and over again.

When she got on the lo-lo with Daddy, about an hour later, she said, "Daddy? Daddy! Sick, Meme."

She's a little sickie girl. She has a horrible cough and was fevering all night long—her temperature was nearly 103°F when she woke up this morning, but it's since gone down. She also has a nasty case of diarrhea.

We're still nursing, though I'm thinking of stopping soon because she's getting a little too descriptive with her desires. During church on Sunday she was pulling at my clothes and asking for "nurh-nurh," which is normal for her. What isn't normal is that after I ignored her for a few minutes she started getting impatient and added a new word.

"SUCK!" she whined, "Nurh-nurh! Suck! Suck! Want! Suck! Nurh-nurh!"

It was a tad embarrassing.

As my mom said, either I need to wean her or she needs to stop increasing her vocabulary. 


  1. Oh that is embarassing. I was always embarrassed when Peach would ask to nurse. "Mama nursies please, nursies." I don't regret quiting one bit...although truth be told she still ask about at least once every two or three days, and yesterday she dropped something down the front of my shirt and then when she went to grab it out of my bra (she was on my lap) she said, "Mama, I like these." Thank goodness we were at home :-/

  2. lol. I had a friend who said that once her kids could say what they wanted (in regard to nursing) they couldn't have it anymore. That was her rule. :D Poor baby meme!