Sunday, May 08, 2011

Nothing but a weed

A dandelion, you'll agree
Is nothing but a weed. 

It starts out yellow then bursts forth
With little puffs of seed.

Those seeds take off on dainty wings
To plant themselves with greed,

By taking over the whole lawn,
Despite how grass may plead.

But their little heads of sunshine
Are just what children need

For making dandelion crowns...

...And dandelion soup,
And making dandelion babies'
Heads begin to droop,
And making dandelion pies,
And blowing seeds into the skies...

To see whose seeds, the highest, rise!
The games of summer's creed.

A dandelion, so you say,
Is nothing but a weed,

And yet, that flower's so much more;
It's happiness, indeed.