Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dynamic Duo

Rachel asked me to tie her favourite blanket around her neck as a cape (or "cap" as she insisted on calling it). Her trusty sidekick, Miriam, soon showed up toting her favourite blanket and thrust it at me with a look on her face that read, "Whatever you just did for her, do it for me, too!"

They spent the next long while prancing around the house playing superhero-princesses (because those totally exist). 

We had a pair of boys over earlier this afternoon. Their mommy recently had a baby so we took two of her four boys (ages 3 and 5) off her hands for a while so she could get some (much needed) rest. I always thought I wanted a boy first (not that I've been disappointed with my girls; I just always thought that I wanted a boy first) but after having those boys over I am certainly grateful for my girls. Why?

1) Pee on the toilet seat/floor. Boys are out of control in the bathroom arena.
2) "Does this come apart?" My girls rarely ask that; boys ask it a thousand times a day.
3) Roughhousing just took on a whole new meaning.

Need I go on?

I suppose her boys are less temperate than others since they come from a family of all brothers. I imagine sisters have a mellowing effect on brothers. Am I just naive?

That said, I am very thankful for the dynamics of my duo and wish my friend the best of luck in dealing with her fearsome foursome!


  1. You are spot on. A houseful of boys=early distruction of all your furniture :) I'm grateful to my girls who even if we did have another boy have kept the boy mojo under control. These super hero pictures are cute. My kids give them a tumbs up :)

  2. She-ra is a superhero princess!

  3. Thanks, Doug! :) I'll have to let Rachel know—though I'm not sure about the whole title "princess of power" thing; it might be better if she doesn't know that part...