Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Cookies, Cubs, Kites

This afternoon the girls and I made cookies; I haven't made any kind of treat for the cub scouts in several weeks and they were beginning to question my devotion. The kitchen was certainly messier than if I had made cookies by myself but the girls definitely had fun helping so I suppose the mess was worth it. 

Rachel is old enough to almost actually be helpful, which is nice.

She gave Miriam a quick tutorial about how she needs to "use the sharp side" and "just press it once," then she handed the cookie cutter to Miriam and let her have a go.

After all the cookies were finished baking, Miriam went down for a nap while Rachel and I honed our kite-making skills so that we could teach the boys how to make kites during cubs. We messed up the first kite, but the second kite worked so we only had to make two before deciding we were experts.

The boys have this lovely habit of arriving early for scouts—we're talking 30 or 40 minutes early—and today was no different. One of our boys showed up a half hour early so I sent him in the backyard to practice flying Rachel's kite. 

The kites are the kind that you have to run really fast to get them to fly at all. I think that's okay because it makes for lots of running around, which children badly need.

It was kind of nice with just the two of them in the backyard, but I did start to worry when no one else arrived, so I got busy on the phone.

After a few minutes our backyard was teeming with energetic cub scouts. It was one of the craziest hours of my life but I think the boys had fun. On the way out they were rewarded with a cookie.

"What's this for?" asked our newest cub, who joined our den last month.

"It's our snack, you know, that we get at the end of..." another cub started explaining and then gave up. "Oh, never mind. You wouldn't know because she hasn't made us treats in ages!"

*innocent whistle*

Enjoy your cookies, boys.

You never know when (or if) you'll get least when they're coming from me!

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