Monday, May 16, 2011

Mutant Dandelion

Yesterday we went for a walk to visit my family. Rachel rode her bike horse named Phillipe. She wore the dress that Daddy picked up in Ghana for her. 

While we were in the front yard, I noticed an odd-looking plant. Its stem was as thick as my finger. I bent down to get a closer look and discovered that it was a triple-headed dandelion.

It seems this plant is suffering from fasciation, likely a mutation in the meristematic cells—the cells in charge of growth—though it could also be caused by chemical damage or insect attack or bacterial infection. At any rate, it causes "elaborately contorted tissue."

We're not too concerned about the plant since it will likely be dug up and disposed of—because dandelions are weeds. Josie wants to let it grow for a while longer, though; she felt bad for the poor plant, perhaps because she and I suffer from some "elaborately contorted tissue," ourselves. I mean, just look at our clubbed thumbs!

My hand is on the left and Josie's is on the right. Josie thought it was funny that we both had our clubbed thumbs in the picture with the mutant dandelion—though I don't have much choice in the matter since both of my thumbs are clubbed. Josie has one "normal" thumb and one clubbed thumb. 

It was a fun afternoon for everyone involved, mutant or not.


  1. Wow, I don't mind having a potter's thumb, but murderer's thumb? Not so sure I like that...