Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Families are complicated

"How could you break my heart? How could you break my heart? I have a broken heart! How could my mom do this to me?" —Rachel, age 3
I hate everything in the world.

Of course that's not actually true, but I'm quoting plays again; that's a line from the Curious Savage that I've used before and most likely will use again. Most of all, right now, I hate being a mom. I hate it all the way from my paint-chipped toe nails to my split ends.

Tonight was fine up until bedtime and then it was horrendous but even as horrible as tonight was I don't ever want it to end...because when it does end I have to face my children again.

And I'm really not sure that I can.

How could you break my heart? How could you break my heart?

I have a broken heart!

How could my daughter do this to me?

—Me, age 25


  1. Is 3 a teenage year?
    At least there won't be anything left unsaid.
    Rachel does not really know what having a broken heart means, does she? She's a litle bit melodramatic there. But from what I read daily about your girls, she can be a lot of fun too. Your Mom would say that she is a "masala of emotions."
    Don't feel so bad, Nancy. She loves you and being a mom is not easy (even when they turn 30ish).
    How many days left till "Daddy" comes home?
    Courage, ma chère Nancy (dear 25).

  2. I tell Matt all the time that if my version of being a mom is like yours, I'll be okay. :) You're awesome, Nancy. It's nice to know that you have bad days, too. Hang in there. :)

  3. I feel your pain Nancy. I HATE bed time. And Monday's right before we try and do FHE. The whole world seems to fall apart at those crucial times, and I hate it. Just know you're not alone. Girls suffer from hormone imbalance from birth till death, and it's just our lot in life.

  4. If you want you and the girls can come hang out with us sometime while Andrew is gone. We could do dinner. Maybe that will help take some of the daily load off.

  5. Yes please do! It would be fun!