Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Birthday Party

We had a surprise birthday party for my mom tonight, just with our local family members: my mom and dad and sisters and brother and some of the grandkids. It was fun!

Patrick came over a bit early to make dinner (he made pasta with a tomato-cream sauce, honey-roasted Brussels sprouts, and meatballs; Kelli brought some French bread; I made a salad and a (no-bake) blueberry cheesecake). I was glad that he took over making dinner!

It was fun to get to celebrate my mom, even though I lied to her for (probably?) the first time in my life in order to keep it a surprise. I asked her if she could come watch my little ones so that I could go to an activity with my older girls (but really there was no activity). 

One of the highlights of the evening was video-chatting with my sister's twins, who've been estranged from the family for the past few years since their father was awarded full custody. It would be great if we could start seeing them at family events again because they're only a year older than Rachel! But I suppose any contact with them is a Christmas miracle at this point.

Here's my sister, and niece, and daughter chatting with the twins:

Rosie actually made a Snap Chat group with them a few days ago (I'm terrible at Snap Chat but I'm on it because all my nieces and nephews are) so we've all been "snapping" together. Was it just last night that we were snapping until late in the evening and I suddenly realized that an eleven-year-old was part of our snapping party? I think it was. So I snapped a stern face and asked why they weren't in bed (all of my kids were—it was a school night). I'm pretty sure that snap earned me the reputation of being the kill-joy aunt in one fell swoop (or, as I always say, "swell foop" because...I don't know why that's so hard for me to say). But I think everyone still likes me anyway (right, guys?).

My mom was holding Alexander so I decided to take a picture of them, but she closed her eyes, so I took another one and she was smiling kind of funny, but I had to keep it because she looks so happy while Alexander looks downright miserable.

He had a rather poopy day (literally) and just seemed a little uncomfortable and out of sorts today (unless Grandma (Andrew's mom) was snuggling him; he loved her today). Here's a better picture of my mom (Naanii) with Alexander:

For about a month longer, Rosie is 20, Kelli is 40, and my mom is 60 (then we decided to throw in Rachel, who is 10, and Alexander, who is 0). It's good to be born in a year ending in 7:

Here's my dad, Benjamin, and Uncle Allen relaxing while waiting for dessert:

Here's Mom blowing out her candles (I didn't want to put 60 candles on her cake so I put a group of six candles and a T...for sixty):

My dad wanted to get a picture of "everyone" but in our family that's...rather impossible. We haven't even managed to get all my siblings in the same country (let alone the same room) since the year...2000 (maybe 2001). Rosie's boyfriend took a picture of everyone there (we're only missing David, Abra, Deklan, Piper, Malachi, Amy, and Scarlett (who are all in Canada); and Matthew, Andrew (my nephew), Olivia, and Sabrina, who weren't able to make it; oh, and Andrew (my husband), who is in Massachusetts right now):

Back row: Allen, Kelli, Naanii holding Alexander, Bumpa holding Zoë
Front row: Me, Rosie, Benjamin, Josie, Miriam, Patrick
Smack dab in the middle, flashing a peace sign: Rachel
So we had about 50% of the family there, I guess. 

Here's my mom and dad together (with Alexander and Zoë):

Their birthdays are only two days apart so my dad's is right around the corner (my mom had us sing to him as well even though it was her birthday; she's always sharing stuff).

I hope it was a fun evening for her (even if she doesn't love surprises)!

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  1. Happy 60th birthday to your mom! Looks like a fun party!