Friday, December 01, 2017

Funny boys

This morning I asked Benjamin what his favourite part of Into the Woods was last night. Instead of answering my question, he started rolling his head around and around and said, "Do you know what the international symbol for 'I don't know' is?"

So apparently he doesn't know what his favourite part was (though his favourite character was Cinderella).

I was reminded, however, that little boys are hilarious. Benjamin has been fairly consistently hilarious the past few weeks, but I've been remiss about writing every funny thing down because, well, I've been busy with a baby. I need to get back in the habit, however, so that we can keep running into funny things Benjamin says because Patrick was also a rather hilarious child, always saying something ridiculous, and in his baby book my mom simply wrote down, "He's always saying the funniest things!" or something like that. When we came across that she said with much regret, "I should have written down more!"

When I thought of funny little boys, however, I didn't think of Benjamin first. I thought of Gavin!

When he was here at Thanksgiving, he and Zoë were having a bit of a fight over a toy phone. Uncle Morgan managed to convince Gavin that he should let Zoë have a turn with the phone because she's little and he's big (a rather tall order for a three-year-old, considering Zoë is only a year younger than him, but when it comes to screaming fits Gavin throws infinitely fewer than Zoë throws and we were just trying to get the madness to stop).

"Thank you for giving Zoë the phone," Morgan said to Gavin. "You're such a nice boy."

"Well, I'm not nice enough!" Gavin retorted.

He then spent the next several minutes stomping around with a grumpy look on his face, just to show us how not-nice he could be (to be honest, he's not very good at being not-nice).

"Are you mad about something?" Andrew asked when Gavin stomped past him (Andrew had missed the phone debacle).

"No!" Gavin said. "I'm frustrated!"

I know Gavin was feeling very frustrated (and not quite nice enough), but it was sure entertaining to watch him express his frustration and not-niceness!

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  1. Patrick was so funny that every day at work--at the Maple Ridge Library; and I only worked Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday--the first thing my co-workers would say to me, almost before hello, was "What funny things did Patrick say?" They didn't get their dose of Funny Patrick every day; they had to wait for it! Seriously, he was spontaneously just really funny. And I do so regret not writing things down. On the phone, I would tell my mom what he had said that week, and she would laugh and say "I hope you wrote that down!" And I would scoff, "No, I don't need to write it down! It is so funny--how could I every forget it!" Lesson learned too late!