Sunday, December 03, 2017

From generation to generation

While we were taking family pictures today I asked Andrew to take a picture of me holding Alexander. Rachel had been reading my grandma's history book this morning (I am so glad my Auntie Colleen did all the work to put it together; I need to get a copy of my grandpa's!) and in addition to coming up with all sorts of questions (Why did she need a license for a radio? Why was telephone operator even a necessary profession? Are you named after your grandma?), we found a lovely picture of my grandma (who I'm named after) showing off a new baby Myrna (my mom).

We did our best to recreate that picture today (from memory; I should have brought a picture with me to our location (and technically I did, but I left it in the car and it was cold outside and we had four kids running around plus a babe in arms and so no one wanted to go fetch it so we could do things properly). It's not perfect, but it will do:

On the left is my grandma holding my mom and on the right is me holding Alexander, approximately sixty years later.

I think I know where he gets his worried look from.

I've been watching Call the Midwife again and I like to think it gives me a glimpse of what life was like when my grandma was busy having babies. It's fun to see how much has changed and how much is still the same. You know, with as much accuracy as a television show can offer.

One thing I know for certain: our family still makes beautiful babies!


  1. Cute idea! How old was your grandma here? And is your mom her first child or what?

  2. I was born 4 months before my mom turned 30. I was her last baby of four.