Sunday, December 17, 2017

Snow, snow, snow

This afternoon the kids and I went out to deliver some Christmas goodies to the neighbours and it started snowing the most beautiful snowfall in the world! The flakes were big and beautiful and perfect. The clouds weren't dropping huge globs of flakes or showering us with ice pellets. The snowflakes were just the right size for us to admire their beauty and uniqueness before melting away. 

It was a magical snowfall. 

One of these days I might even learn how to take a selfie without looking like my brain is breaking. Today was not that day.

Like Laura Ingalls Wilder, I sometimes loathed my brown hair as a child, for much of the same reasons Laura did (basically, for whatever reason, blond hair seems to be the superior colour in our culture). My friend Becca Woodward had long, blonde hair and I envied her with a passion. 

However, I've long-since come to embrace my hair colour. 

We noticed on our walk that darker hair makes a much nicer background for snowflakes than blonde hair does—so that's an upside (in case you were looking for one).


  1. The downside the grays just show more. Js hair started looking lighter....more blonde when he started going gray. Everyone is always saying he looks so young. No one says that to me.....

    1. Hahaha! So true!

      But I think part of that is cultural as well. It's 100% okay for a man to go "salt and pepper," if you will. Even young. But not so much for a woman. And how is that even fair? Especially when dying your hair grey is all the rage (I guess ALL grey is cool but sprinkled with grey is not?).

      I read something somewhere where a woman decided to call her greys her "sparkles." I might have to start doing that as well because I'm getting greys. No one says anything to my brother (at least that I've noticed (but I'm not him)) but many people have gasped when they've noticed my greys.

    2. You have a brother with grey hairs? I did not notice. Actually, did not notice that in your hair, either.

    3. Haha! Mom--you pointed it out twice this year. :) It's okay though because like my brown hair, I've come to (or at least am trying to) embrace the greys as they make their appearance.

    4. Did I point it out on you? But did I point it out on a brother? See, my rememberer is not the best, either. Oh well.