Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Breaking in the new stroller

I think we've done it; we've survived another winter. Sure, winter might have a few storms left in its system, but for the most part, I think we're headed toward blue skies. I couldn't be happier.

On Friday when I took Rachel out for a walk we both had to bundle up a lot! It was snowing and sleeting and cold. It was definitely a wintry day. Today, however, was so nice that we both wore sweaters, although Rachel also took two light blankets and had tights on under her pants to keep her extra warm. In fact, it's been so spring-like recently that for Family Home Evening we went and picked out an umbrella stroller (after having a lesson about following the prophet and reading about Lehi in the illustrated Book of Mormon stories).

We chose a lime green stroller. Color is how I choose most things, which is why I will never be solely in charge of buying a car or a computer or anything else. Our choices were lime green, orange, or grey because I didn't want a pink or purple stroller. I just couldn't see putting any future boys in those colors but have no problem putting a girl in green.

It's so nice. It's light, it packs up small, and it pushes well. With our "travel system" I have to take two to four trips up and down the stairs just to get out the door. By the time I carry the stroller, the diaper bag, Rachel, the car seat, and anything else that needs to go, down the stairs, I'm already exhausted. The umbrella stroller is light enough that I can just put Rachel inside, put a few things in a bag and carry everything down the stairs at once.

Tomorrow for playgroup we are going to the Hogle Zoo. Every last Wednesday of the month from October-February is a free day. I guess they just need more traffic at the zoo during those cold winter months. We decided to make use of their generosity so will be packing up all the kids and driving up to Salt Lake.

Today Rachel and I tried out her new stroller for the first time. We went on a two mile (or so) walk and she had a blast. She loved the little visor that we could put down to block the wind and sun from hitting her in the face--it has a little window so she can see out. She was a very happy girl, right up until the end of our walk when she started to fuss and pull against the seatbelt. I told her that if she was a good girl we could go to the park on our way home. She fell asleep, which in my books is definitely being a good girl--she woke up just as we pulled up to the playground fence, so it worked out well for both of us!

I took a lot of pictures. So many, in fact, that it might feel that you were at the park with us. This is actually only about a quarter of the pictures I took. It's a very good thing we don't have to pay to get these developed!

Rachel's favorite part, by far and away, was the baby swing.

All smiles

Look, mom, one hand!

I was surprised to have the playground to ourselves--I half expected it to be overrun by children since this was the nicest day we've had in a long time. We were all alone, though, which meant Rachel didn't have to take turns.

She could hang out at the bottom of the slides and on the bouncy bridge for as long as she wanted and I didn't have to worry about her getting trampled!

She had so much fun playing and was in such a good mood that she kept kissing me every chance she got. She was squealing and laughing the whole time, except when she was serious.

How's that for a Rachel-overload?


  1. What a lucky girl to have mommy all to herself, with lots of time just to enjoy growing up!

  2. I pick by color too!! it's usually green, unless it's for me, then it's pink. . .for some reason since my mom's cancer, I'm automatically drawn to everything that's pink! I think my subconscious likes to believe some proceeds go to breast cancer research.

    have fun at the zoo!! makes me wish my ward had a mothers group.

  3. I like that stroller. Very cute and it does look light!

  4. Looks like you guys had fun at the park. If the weather stays nice I am going to have to take my kids to a park. For the last couple of weeks Ian has been asking to go to the park and I kept telling him that he has to wait until the snow melts or else he won't be able to go down the slides.

    Today he said "I think the snow is melting away mommy." I think that was his way of telling me we should go to the park.

    We will have to take you guys with us when we go!!!!

  5. I don't pick strollers yet. :-D

  6. Is that a Chicco? If so, is it the C5? We're looking into buying the C5 because our $20 Target umbrella stroller is a piece of hud. We've dealt with it for 2.5 years but for Middlebury, we need something better. I'm interested to know how you like yours!

  7. Actually, we got it at Toys R Us. It was $20--for all we know it could be a piece of hud as well, but since you didn't recognize it, perhaps they've improved their model since you purchased yours.

    This one seems to be good. It is at least a step up from their dinky-dinky ones. We went with the heavier duty one because when we go for a stroll, it's typically quite a few miles, not just around the block.

  8. Yeah, looking at the zoo pictures I can tell it's not the one I thought it was.

    Our $20 stroller is totally different than yours, don't worry. But I have just had it with it. Our $15 we got in Jordan - Chinese special! - was more rugged and usable than our "nice" American umbrella stroller.

    Anyway, thanks for the info :).