Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cousin Party

Andrew's family hosted a cousin party on Sunday afternoon so that the three boys Andrew's age could get together before they all go their separate ways. Richard and Diana will be moving to Seattle after they have their baby and we will (hopefully) be going somewhere. Nathan and Sara just moved out here and don't plan on going anywhere soon.

Unfortunately Andrew had to play the organ for the stake priesthood meeting so he didn't get to stay for the whole party. He saw Richard and Diana when he dropped me and Rachel off, but he missed eating dinner and seeing Nathan, Sara and Ethan. He had a fun time playing the organ at the stake center though. It's a pipe organ so it plays a lot differently than the dinky electric organ at our chapel.

Ethan and Rachel were cute together. Ethan was born at the end of November in 2006! Andrew spent a lot of time trying to figure out how it was possible that he was that old since Nathan and Sara got married only one day before us and since we just got married and just had a baby it wasn't really possible that their baby was almost in nursery. But then I had to remind Andrew that Rachel was born a year and a half after we got married...and Ethan was born almost a year after we got they're really not all that far apart in age, although 8 months in baby-time can make for significant differences developmentally. Ethan is walking and talking and feeding himself and doing all sorts of cool tricks. Rachel, although almost as tall as Ethan, isn't--she does different tricks like crawling and babbling and throwing Cheerios.

Anyway, we had a good time. I had fun visiting with Sara, Nathan, and Karen, and watching Ethan play (take toys out of the toy box and hand them to people). We'll have to do it again sometime though because I forgot my camera (curses!) and Andrew wasn't able to be there. Next time we'll be more prepared!


  1. Haha! At least he wasn't taking his food out of his mouth and handing it to you... my littlest brother used to do that. If he didn't like something, he'd take it out and hand it back. He was very reasonable and polite about it. It was only if you refused to take it that he'd throw it at you instead...

  2. Well, I wasn't sitting be him. Emily was. And he was certainly doing his best to share with her! Bite for me, bit for you...that kind of thing. she was pretty grossed out. She didn't mind if he offered her something whole, it was the half eaten olive that really got her!