Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dad's Ordination

My dad was ordained a High Priest this afternoon. We're all really excited for him. Things ended up being a little crazy and so we had to deviate from the original plan, which was 2:30.First of all it snowed a whole lot last night and this morning--over a foot, for sure, and it's thick, heavy snow. That meant that Grandma and Grandpa couldn't drive down from Salt Lake, which was better for me and Andrew because that meant that he could be ordained a little later, making it easier for us to go to our church meetings and get to my family's house.

My family had Sabrina and Rosie overnight so that Kelli could be with Olivia in the hospital but Rose has school in the morning (unless it is canceled because of the snow. It's still snowing) so mom and David left as soon as the ordination was finished to drive Rose back up to Salt Lake. She would have gone home with my grandparents, but they didn't want to drive in the snow.

It was still good though. Reid ordained Dad and we all had a nice visit before everyone went their separate directions.

Then we had a family dinner and ate the cake that I made. I'm practicing for Kelli's wedding cake--I think I'm getting better. I'll have to be a lot better by February 22nd!


  1. I glanced at the first photo of your dad with Rachel, and thought it was Mitt Romney kissing your baby! :)

  2. You know what, you're kinda right. :) Perhaps I should change the caption so that people think I'm famous.