Wednesday, February 27, 2008

World Traveler

All our geography nerd readers will enjoy this. I've spent like an hour doing this already. I really should work on homework instead.

Although I did just get a call from the Stake YM President. He wants me to teach the Citizenship in the World merit badge at the upcoming stake merit badge pow wow.

Maybe he knew I was playing this all evening?

You'll have to allow popups on our site for this to work. It's worth it.


  1. I'm too tense to play this kind of game.

    "Oh, oh! Where's France?!?"

    Yeah...I don't do well with a timer. Not at all. My brain freezes up.

  2. Not too bad, not too bad... Eastern Europe is not my forte though. lol

  3. 25,110 on my first try. If only I could be as good as Andrew...

    Worst mess-up: Sofia. Bulgaria, not Italy!! I totally knew that, but I cracked under pressure.

    Best guess: Birmingham, England. I got it right on the dot.

    Fun game!

  4. Yeah, Eastern Europe killed me to. That's where my worst mess up happened: Belgrade. I knew it was Serbia, especially with all this Kosovo mess, but I got it confused with Belfast...way over in Northern Ireland.

  5. Yeah, Eastern Europe... I remember the days when I had at least the countries all memorized, and most of the capitols. Maybe if I keep playing this game it will come back to me... :)

  6. OK... I may not have known exactly where Belgrade was... in fact, I was way off! And I still connect it with Yugoslavia... but at least I knew it was in Eastern Europe and not in the UK! :) :) That's pretty funny. I guess it helps that I live in the UK, though, eh.