Saturday, February 16, 2008

Concerto Night

Auntie Em played Goltermann's Concerto No. 5 in D minor for the Timpanogos High School Concerto Night last night. She did really well and looked so pretty up on the stage! Rachel kept singing along while Emily and the other soloists did their best to sing and play over her noise.

I guess she wasn't too noisy since no one in the audience seemed to mind and Mr. LeVar didn't ask us to leave. Rachel and Andrew spent most of the concert off in the doorway, touching the walls, trying to crawl up the ramp, and occasionally letting out a big scream. We hope that none of her noise was picked up by the microphones!

I was impressed with Emily--she forgot where she was during the song but just kept playing, improvising her solo a little bit until she realized where they were and then she dove right back in full swing. She didn't even stick out her tongue or anything. She was completely composed.

She got three bouquets of roses! It was like Valentine's Day all over again!

After her concert we all headed over to Andrew's parents' house for cookies and ice cream. Rachel surprised us by being social. She was passed off from one of Emily's friends to the next and she didn't cry one bit (well, maybe a little bit...). She didn't really smile at any of them, but she didn't scream at any of them, either. Perhaps she liked that they all had sparkly jewelry on.

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  1. Way to go Emily! That is totally incredible to perform for Concerto night! I am really surprised to see how small the orchestra is.