Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sick, sick, sick

You'd never guess it from looking at her, but Rachel is pretty sick right now. She has quite the cough, a dreadful runny nose, and has been running a low-grade fever since she got her shots on Monday. She's just so cheerful about the whole thing it's hard to tell she really is sick.

On Friday night I put her to bed and she had a coughing fit and started crying. I left her for a few minutes, hoping that she would go back to sleep but she just kept crying louder and louder. I went in to comfort her and found her absolutely covered in spit up and snot. She had coughed so hard that she threw up and had rubbed it, and her nose, all over her face. It was sticking to her eyes and was all in her hair. Disgusting. So we had to get her up and wash her down and put her in some fresh pyjamas. She didn't sleep well that night at all, kept waking up every hour or so coughing and crying. I felt like I nursed her all night long.

She got up early with daddy and they played really hard--like she hadn't even been up in the night sick at all. We watched President Hinckley's funeral and she kept playing hard the whole time. Finally, exhausted himself, Andrew put her in the venus fly couch and we laughed at her while she tried to roll over and sit up, her attempts made futile by the couch sucking her in.

We had a fine afternoon and put some new light fixtures up, with the help of Andrew's family. Rachel has somewhat gotten over her "mommy-only" phase, although mommy is still best. She let Karen and Reid hold her while Andrew was a goof.

He was so afraid of being electrocuted, even though the breaker and light switch was off. He was holding the screwdriver in place over his head and twirling like a ballerina. He wore his goofy Italian sunglasses for safety goggles. He was just having a good time.

We had dinner with Andrew's family and Rachel was a little tired, but still cheerful, whacking people with bowls and throwing her toys on the floor.

We gave her a blessing before putting her to bed and although she seems a bit better today she didn't sleep well last night at all. We put her in the swing to sleep because she seemed to nap better if she was upright--that worked for about three hours, but then we were up every hour at least.

We're just glad that she isn't as sick as Olivia. Poor Olivia is in the hospital with what we think is a staph infection. Unfortunately she didn't go into the hospital until the weekend and so her blood work hasn't been analyzed yet. She had a horrible fever and was limping so my sister took her into the hospital. Olivia had a big pocket of infection in her hip, which was operated on. Since she had so much bacteria in her bloodstream, though, they've been trying to clear that up and she has to be "bacteria free" before they'll send her home.

Sabrina is at my parent's house right now, with sick Josie and Patrick, and she will be coming over to our house tomorrow morning. Hopefully everyone recovers from their sniffles soon and no one gets it as bad as Olivia! We've all been fasting and praying for her, poor little baby.

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  1. Nancy so sorry about your sick little bebe! :( And poor Olivia.... that sounds awful! Hope she is able to leave the hospital soon!!

    And yes, you and I and our little ones need to have another play date before the end of the semester!!! Woot!