Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Olivia Lives!

My sister Kelli dropped by with Olivia on their way for a "family date" with her soon-to-be husband and step-children. Olivia was released from the hospital last night and she's doing just fine. It's interesting how fast children pick up their energy when they have something serious like this happen.

Olivia was all about dumping out the toys and showing Rachel how to throw things. They had a lot of fun playing together, although Olivia wasn't always satisfied with the way Rachel was playing and would command her to "PLAY!" the way she wanted, which was Olivia getting her own way. Olivia was much more open to Rachel's touches than Sabrina was... It is so obvious that they're both almost two, those girls. Definitely heading toward the terrible twos. They have to do everything by themselves and have everything their way. Oh, I can't wait until we get to that stage!

Oh, you want this block?
I don't think so.
Rachel was happy to have a playmate (who wasn't mommy) for a little while and Olivia had fun helping to take care of Rachel.

Holding her
Trying to wipe her nose
(obviously not one of Rachel's favorite activities)

We're glad that Olivia is almost better. She still has an ouchy from her surgery and has that pretty pink bandage on her arm. She has to have all sorts of antibiotics and treatments still but she's doing just fine.


  1. PS. My little bro Scott and his wife Ally had their first yesterday (Feb. 5 - super Tuesday). 6:55 pm British time, she was, according to the doctors, 2 weeks overdue, but she only weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces, so I have to wonder. And they are naming her Eilidh Christine (or Christina, I'm not sure which). Yes, that's a Celtic name, and it's pronounced Ay-lee.

  2. I second that--congratulations to Scott and Ally! Do they live near you, Heidi? Is your mom going to come from Italy to see the baby?

  3. They came back to Scotland to have the baby, as that's where she's from, so that she could have it on the NHS... much cheaper.. free! lol. I'll go up to the blessing at the beginning of March, and yes, my mum is coming across to visit and be here for the blessing as well, hurrah!